This is the most important term. All stallholders must apply full effort to promote the event and not rely on our marketing alone. Everyone has their own contacts that they should take advantage of. These are our terms when joining.

  • You must share and post the flyer on your social media page to stay up at least 1-2 weeks before the event.
  • Use WhatsApp and stories to circulate the event and invite people. Create the buzz. Together we can achieve more Insha’ Those stalls who work on promoting their own pop up shop prior to the market, they are the ones who usually well. Let people know what you will be offering. Remind people you will be there. Consistency pays off. (Work together, benefits each other).
  • Once you join us and if you have an Instagram page, you must share our flyer on your story within 24 hours and leave the flyer up on your highlights named Pop up shop.
  • You are responsible for your products and equipment if they get stolen/lost or damaged on the day.
  • You are also responsible for any accidents caused by your equipment to the public, your staff members and other stall holder staff at the event. Please take care regarding any issues that may arise.
  • You must leave your area clean with any rubbish cleared away before you finish.
  • There are no refunds. However, if you cannot attend a market date, you can rearrange to attend for another month. You can be reallocated only once, if it happens again you will lose out on your money.